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matrix reloaded coat

Matrix Reloaded Coat

As avid matrix fans ourselves we have decided to offer our services to fellow fans who are looking for the high quality, highly detailed and accurate matrix reloaded coat not usually found in stores.

Coat is single breasted with stand up collar, fabric covered button fastening, slanted welt pocket, inside has one breast pocket on each side with card and pen pocket on left, completely lined, princess seam back with waist seam. Pleated back bottom with kick pleat.

Available fabrics and colors for Matrix Reloaded Coat

  • Monks wool: Black, White
  • Pure new wool: Black
  • Tropical wool: Black
  • Cotton: Black
  • Leather: Black

Matrix reloaded coat in the picture is in monks wool.

Price including shipping worldwide:

  • Monks wool: US$ 512
  • Pure new wool: US$ 462
  • Tropical wool: US$ 400
  • Cotton: US$ 328
  • Leather (cow nappa): US$ 699
Monk's wool
  • 100% super fine wool, light weight, super 150s'.
  • Ideal for all season.
  • Absolute drape with fluid movement.
Pure new wool
  • 100% wool, medium weight, super 120s'.
  • Ideal for fall and winter.
  • Firm and elegant move.
Tropical wool
  • Light weight, wool and wool blends, super 150s'.
  • Ideal for spring and summer.
  • Less firm than pure new wool.
  • Good drape and move.
  • Jeans weight, 100% cotton.
  • Good drape and move.

Please select fabric to view swatch:  

Weight of Matrix Reloaded Coat:
  • Matrix Reloaded Coat in monks wool is 4 lbs (1800 grams).
  • Matrix Reloaded Coat in pure new wool is 4.5 lbs (2000 grams).
  • Matrix Reloaded Coat in tropical wool is 3.5 lbs (1600 grams).
  • Matrix Reloaded Coat in cotton is 3.5 lbs (1600 grams).
  • Matrix Reloaded Coat in leather is 5 lbs (2270 grams).

Number of button fastening depends on requested coat length. If you prefer specific number of buttons please mention your request in the comment box on the order page.

In Neo's size matrix reloaded coat the bottom circumference is approximately 154" (391 cm).

Stand up collar in matrix reloaded coat is slightly different than mandarin collar due to its height consistency.

Turnaround time: 14 to 18 days from order confirmation date.

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